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TPS Integration/Verification System (TIVS)

Product Overview:

  • SEI's TPS Integration/Verification System (TIVS) is a TPS pre-verification process to support the needs of the TPS developer during the TPS integration phase.
  • TIVS emulates the target automatic test system
  • TIVS is applicable to factory test applications as well as TPS integration, new or rehosted TPS's
  • Provides emulation of target automatic test system (TATS) hardware
  • Simulates TATS test system interface device (ID/ITA)
  • Emulates only those functions required by particular TPS's
  • Uses SEI's re-configurable TIVS software run-time system

Product Features:

  • Pre-integrate the UUT with the TPS and the TPS with a simulated ATS interface
  • User can continuously examine the actual effects of various test strategy decisions
  • TIVS simulates only those features required by the UUT for which the TPS was developed
  • Fully integrated with SEI's Automatic Test Generator (ATG)
  • TIVS can be operated in an automatic, semi-automatic (incremental) or computer-assisted manual mode


  • Pre-verify the suitability of detailed TPS Test Strategy for UUT Fault Detection and Fault Isolation
  • TIVS avoids very complex and/or expensive test functions
  • TIVS is highly capable and reliable, as well as very affordable
  • Changes to test strategy identified in TIVS can be used by ATG to automatically generate new source code for the TIVS, and eventually the target ATS
  • TIVS pre-verification process reduces the number of unknowns during TATS test system integration
  • TIVS pre-verification process reduces the cost of TPS integration/ verification at a remote site
  • TIVS pre-verification facilitates integration and final acceptance on the TATS test system

The TPS Pre-Verification Process:

  • The TPS is designed using ATG and simulator post-processors
  • Initially, ATG automatically generates source for the TIVS
  • The TPS is fully integrated and verified on the TIVS configuration
  • Finally, the ATG automatically generates ATLAS, or other source code for the TATS