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Super FDI

SUPER Fault Detection and Isolation method (SFDI)

SFDI is a fault detection and Isolation method developed by Superior Electronics Inc., as part of over 30 years of TRD and TPS work.

Proven successful by the test of time, SEI has been able to succeed where many other, larger companies have failed to produce effective results.

In the mid 80's , complexity of design led the industry away from fault based testing due to its perceived cost consequences. The government has allocated insufficient funds to generate high quality TPSs, so the performance bar had to be lowered to compensate for the budget limitations.

One known way to reduce TPS costs is to use existing test procedures provided by the UUT manufacturers or from legacy TPSs. While it avoids some engineering costs, this approach can result in undetected faults, redundant testing and inaccurate fault isolation.

False removals, false assurance and high NFF/CND rates have complex causes but malfunctioning TPSs are a definite contributor. Test voids in TPSs result in bad UUTs being re-installed into the next level, creating increased maintenance workload or a build up of subtle faults over time that can cause malfunctions at possibly crucial points in operations.