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Bit Design and Evaluation System


  • Provides a quantitative BIT performance assessment
  • Evaluates new and existing BIT designs
  • Accommodates variety of BIT designs
  • Accommodates various prime indenture levels
  • Automatically generates Fault Detection/Fault Isolation (FD/FI) reports


  • Provides traceable Built-In-Test (BIT) performance metrics
  • Complies with testability, Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) and other STDs
  • Supports concurrent engineering design
  • Provides basis for BIT/TPS design verticality
  • Generates high quality Data Item (DI) and design review data

BDE Flow Chart

BDE Data Entry:

  • User defines prime system hierarchical structure
  • Additional failure mode models
  • Individual BIT test and failure mode/test correlation
  • The model includes failure mode characteristics, failure rates and distribution data
  • User data is prompted and checked for accuracy

BDE Assessment Processing:

  • BDE evaluates BIT strategy, fault detection and fault isolation.

BDE Output Reports:

  • Describes detailed BIT test data
  • Illustrates functional and detailed BIT test flow
  • Lists failure modes at all indenture levels
  • Correlates individual tests with failure modes covered
  • Summarizes FD by indenture level
  • Summarizes FI by indenture level and distribution