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Atlas Test Specifications

Product Overview:

  • SEI Provides ATLAS Test Specs:

    SEI's Automatic Test Generator (ATG) generates ATLAS test specifications that are not only syntactically correct, but also meet all the required technical performance objectives. This includes comprehensive fault detection and acceptable levels of diagnostic ambiguity in the unit under test (UUT). The results are test specifications that comply with format and sytax requirements, while at the same time providing a valid baseline for manual and/or automatic test procedures and program.

  • Compliance with Standards/Formats:

    ATLAS test specifications generated by SEI, using the ATG system, fully comply with established standards (e.g. ATA-100) for component maintenance manuals (CMM). They also comply with ARINC 616 and 626, and can be tailored to the various test specification format requirements of individual clients.

Product Features:

  • Based on Existing or New CMM's
  • Tester Independent, UUT Oriented
  • Traceable Test Performance/Coverage
  • Verified ATLAS Syntax/Format
  • Automatic QA Reports, Flowcharts
  • Databased, Automatic Generation


  • Cost-Effective ATLAS Test Specs
  • High Quality, Assures Client Acceptance
  • Quick Reaction to Delivery Schedules
  • Provides Basis for TPS Development
  • Maintainable, Easily Updated