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Reverse Atlas Preprocessor (RAP)

Product Overview:

  • RAP supports TPS re-hosting by enabling rapid identification of test strategy in existing ATLAS programs
  • RAP allows user to insert comments (to guide D-ATLAS processing), expand loops and procedures and trace obscure references
  • RAP provides a multiple document interface and hypertext access

Product Features:

  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Insertion of Comments
  • Expansion of Procedures
  • Expansion of Loops
  • Tracing of Remove/Repair (R/R) References
  • Hypertext Access
  • Adaptable to Non-ATLAS Programs


  • Simplifies Basic Analysis
  • Provides Traceability
  • Promotes Uniform Methodology
  • Enhances Flow Visualization
  • Documents All Steps
  • Supports Cost-Effective Rehosting, for ATLAS, FORTRAN, BASIC, etc.