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LASAR Post Processor for TDS/TIVS

LASAR Data Consolidation (LDC) System

Product Overview:

  • LDC imports LASAR component failure mode and test performance data
  • LDC consolidates LASAR data with the test performance of non-digital partition of the same UUT
  • LDC is consistent with military standard failure mode reporting

Product Features:

  • Automatic processing of LASAR test data files
  • Automatic correlation of digital/and mixed signal failure modes
  • Automatic consolidation of digital and non-digital failure mode test coverage
  • User friendly, menu driven operation; many useful output reports
  • HITS version available


  • Uniform methodology for digital and mixed signal test evaluation
  • Quantitative test evaluation based on failure mode definitions consistent with accepted standards
  • Consolidated test performance assessment of mixed signal UUT's combining LASAR and non-LASAR testing
  • Uniform reporting and quantitative scoring of failure mode coverage and test performance
  • Conformance with many data item requirements